Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Dad - When it all started...

This story takes place 13 1/2 years ago. It was late and my dad was already in bed. I had the room upstairs next to my parents (I, Melissa, was 19 years old). I was hanging out in my room. The house was quiet. All of a sudden, I heard running coming towards my room. My door opened and my mom was yelling "call 911". There was a phone upstairs but because I was so panicked I ran downstairs to the living room. My brother and sisters were there still hanging out. I picked up the phone and yelled 9 1 1 as I dialed each number. I was shaking and could barely see the numbers. After my siblings realized something was wrong they all asked what was going on. I told them to GO upstairs and see. Our house was no longer filled with laughter and fun. It was scary, unknown and nightmarish (one you want to wake up from but can't). We were all in shock. We lived in this really small town with about 2,000 people. I always told people that there were more cows than people (It was true). Talking to the dispatcher they knew my family and didn't need an address. I finally remembered that there was another phone in my parents room and ran upstairs. My dad was having a seizure. It was terrible!!! He was shaking so bad. My mom held it together but you could tell she was freaking out on the inside. By the time the EMTs arrived my dad had come out of it and was sitting up in his bed in a stupor. He bit his tongue really bad. When he saw the EMTs he asked them why they were in his room. We all were praying hard that dad would be ok. The flashing lights from the ambulance bounced off of the walls in my parent’s room. Every time I see an ambulance I remember that night.  Dad was taken to the ER in the next town (10 miles away). We later found out that dad had a tumor in his brain. They didn’t know if it was cancerous. All they did know was that it was causing him to have seizures. This is when my dad’s battle began. He was only 43 years old.

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