Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fear or Faith?

I was reading last night and had another moment of clarity in my situation with myself. In the scriptures we always read that we shouldn't fear. Then I got thinking I have let Fear rule every aspect of my life (obviously, I have my strong times too) but majority it's been fear. This last year found myself letting go of some fear. But in one aspect..SUGAR I didn't even realize that I have been fearing about sugar and overeating it. So.. I read this," If there is trust in the Lord, we will never fear. Faith can move mountains, so why wouldn't it be able to keep us well?(Matthew 17:20) That hit me like a ton of bricks. When we fear..that fear is our constant companion..and usually we make it happen, what ever we are fearing. I know I was with goes like this in my mind: I wake-up..I can't eat any's really bad for me and I'll get bigger and won't loose the weight that I want. So the day goes by..I'm fearing that I'm going to get into the cupboards and get a sweet refined treat or if I'm at the store. The whole eyes spot deliciousness and i quickly look the other way..I'm afraid of it, afraid that I'll put it in my cart,afraid of not having it also. When my kids bring a treat home for school and I tell them they can't eat it until after dinner. I have to hide it and put it out of sight..I'm afraid of shoving it into my mouth and then having to make-up and excuse of why it's not there or why they can't have it. Because heaven forbid..I'll have to tell them the truth and say that I had zero self control and ate there beloved treat. Then the pain and self hate comes back full force. So my first day of not fearing sugar and it's working so far..really cool.

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