Monday, June 10, 2013

Natural Sweeties vs. My Family

Life has been so crazy lately. We all know that the last month of school for kids is OUT OF CONTROL!!! I am so glad summer is here and that we can relax and have some fun!

Ryan asked me a month ago what I wanted to accomplish with this blog. After some discussion, thought and prayer. I decided to make this a hobby. I'm just going to add a new recipe when I have a moment to myself (a very rare occasion with 5 kids). I received too many complaints from my family that I am on the computer a lot and that is not how I want my kids to remember me. I love to cook. I am very passionate about eating healthy and sugar free foods. I go to this blog all of the time while making my grocery list. I always get to this point with blogs and realize that being a mom to my children is more important. So if you are following this blog know that I will post new awesome recipes on it but not as often as other food bloggers. - :)

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