Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break/Easter 2013

Last night my family and I were crammed in our mini van coming home from Spring Break (Easter Weekend) in LasVegas with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a blast. The weather was AWESOME. My kids even got to swim in Grandma's chili (but worth it) swimming pool. By the way I kicked butt while in Vegas. I did not give into any sugar. That means that I walked past homemade cinnamon rolls, strawberry shortcake, those yummy ice cream pop cycles and candies in jars all over the kitchen. It was hard but I did it. 

As we were driving I realized that I was surrounded by my families easter treats. The only treats that were in the mix for me were breath mints and wheat thin crackers. After about 5 hours of sitting in this situation I lost it. I grabbed an egg filled with reese's pieces candies and started to eat them. My husband looked at me with amazement. I told him, with tears in my eyes, that this really stinks and that I was going to eat some sugar. He said,"ok", and even shared one of his peeps with me. After I indulged he asked me if it was worth it. I said for the moment yes but not sure how tomorrow will look. 

Well, It is tomorrow and this morning was a little rough. It doesn't help that we got home last night at 11:00 PM. We were all moving really slow this morning in our getting ready for school routine. I made lunches and failed to give Camryn her's, so she will be eating school lunch (which she hates). I could have been more patient with them but tiredness and sugar in the system is not a good combination. I love my kids so much. I hope that they can grow up to be the AMAZING people they need to be despite my short comings. Hopefully the rest of the day goes smoother!

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  1. Melissa, you are such a cute, amazing mom!! This blog is so fun too! I'm going to give this a try, I am such a sugar addict! ;)
    Angie Cowley