Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pam Howe my Iridologist

On December 18, 2012.  I went to see my Iridologist (Pam Howe) to see if there was anything I could do to feel better. I was feeling tired a lot. I had good days and bad days. I just wanted to feel good all of the time. I knew that I had to change somethings. This is what was going on with me...

mental stress (Most people have that. We live in stressful world)
under activity of colon
adrenal weakness with healing marks (doing better since my last visit)
pancreas and appendix still weak
stress top back - right side
inflar neck and ear
inflar sinus
oxygen levels have improved (yay!!)
acid imbalance of stomach
stress upper lobes both lungs
weakness let roto cuff and arm stress.
allergic to SUGAR and lettuce
candida 30-40%

What I have to do to over come these issues is...

first 122 days
Drink 8 (8oz) cups of water (I stink at drinking water)
B-complex 50 min (1 in am, 1 in pm)
Pau D' Arco ext drops (1am - 1 pm)
Potassium 99 (2am, 1pm)
Probiotic (1am, 1pm)
L. Tyrosine 500 (1am, 1 pm)

Second 102 days
Drink 9 (8oz) cups of water
B-complex 50 min (1 in am)
Pau D' Arco ext drops (5am - 5 pm)
Potassium 99 (1am, 1pm)
Probiotic (1am)
L. Tyrosine 500 (Done taking this)

Pam is the one that I went to (In 2009) after many doctors couldn't find a reason for my increase in anxiety and continuous blinking. She gave me a bigger list then I have shown above. All I did was take out sugar and lettuce and two days later I felt so much better. I couldn't talk with a neighbor without blinking. My anxiety disappeared. It was great.

I will forever be grateful to her (and my friend Laura for referring her to me) for all that she has done!!! It is so refreshing to see someone without them giving you a list of medication to take. She doesn't even sale the vitamins. And a added bonus after my 224 day regiment I will feel AWESOME with no side effects.

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  1. Melissa, this is so helpful! I might have to get more info from you about this. I have had stomach problems for so many years and have had every test done and different meds with awful side effects (and no success). I also suffer from anxiety (I think mostly because life is stressful, but also because dealing with stomach issues and stressing about when it will affect me or not). I might have to give you a call:) Thank you for this great info on your cute blog!!
    Angie Cowley