Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Starting "NEW" Holiday traditions!!

Ok, so Christmas is upon us. My old family traditions are killing me!!! I told my husband that I would make fudge (My grandma Frehner's secret recipe) for our neighbors and friends. It is soooo yummy and so addicting and so full of SUGAR!!! I have been planning on just eating a little today (once you start you can't stop). Knowing full well that I would not feel well for a couple days. This morning I had this experience that made me rethink my plan. I had a moment of anxiety and then it was gone. I think this is someone telling me to NOT give in. I also had a thought that maybe I need to start some new traditions, so these things will not be so tempting for me. Even still as I'm typing I am battling the thought of giving into this fudge that I haven't made yet. GRRR!!!!

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