Friday, June 29, 2012

The cooking legacy goes on....

I LOVE to cook. I love the yummy smells that fill my house. I love the smiles on my families faces while they are eating what I created. I love dreaming of new ideas and having a success story in the end. I love that my husband brags about my cooking in detail (that I grind my own wheat, make things from scratch, etc). I love that my children want to help and are learning. This desire to learn will help them when they are moms and dads someday. 
The pictures below are of my girls. Ryan and I love watching Sweet Guinness and Chopped. I was making bread one day and my girls started making their own concoctions. Ryan came home from work and added a secret ingredient (Chocolate). My girls had so much fun.  Ryan was so brave and became THE (one and only) judge. Results are listed below.  - Melissa

YUM!!  (What a good daddy)

Camryn won "Most Creative" dish!

Elly won "Best Tasting" dish

Lucy won "Best Presentation"

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