Thursday, May 3, 2012

Raspberry Syrup

 Here is our, so good.. you might eat the whole thing, raspberry syrup. I have been doing a variety of these now.  My kids squeal for joy (my husband does inwardly :) when I make fruit syrups for our pancakes. And with a BIG scoop full of whip cream it is awesome!

 First get 2T. of cold water in a cup. Then add 1Tbsp. of cornstarch. Mix together and put aside. I love anything from Bob's Red Mill. There products are great and always natural.

I used 2 cups of frozen raspberries..this was picked fresh last year from my mother-in-laws garden. It still tasted like we had just picked them off the bush. So good!  You could use fresh or frozen. I just got the both of best worlds..LUCKY :) If you don't like a lot of fruit...I would go with 1 cup. So from there put the fruit in a saucepan, with 1 cup of water. Then use the DUMP METHOD (not a proven method...yet) and dump some agave taste.:)  Bring to a boil. Once it starts boiling pour in cornstarch mixture and stir constantly until thickened. About 1-2 min.  Once thickened turn off heat and remove from burner. I like to pour my syrup in a measuring cup for easy pouring later.

So here are my toppings ready to go. I'm a little bit excited!  For our awesome whipping cream recipe go HERE.


APPLE CINNAMON-  put apples in a saucepan and cook with 1/4 c. water until tender..then follow recipe as above. adding raisins would be a good option too.
BANANA-  I haven't actually tried this one yet. so if you get to it before me. Leave a comment and tell me how it went. In my head... it's tasting very good. :)
I think you get my drift... the sky's the limit with this one. Have fun with the DUMPING METHOD!

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  1. Lyn, This recipe was awesome!! We made strawberry and apple cinnamon syrups for mothers day dinner. We topped pancakes with the syrup and ice cream. It was outstanding. I didn't want dinner to end!! Thanks for the post!