Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on Ryan's NO Sugar Diet

So Ryan has been faithful in this NO Sugar diet. I've been really impressed! Not an easy thing to do.

I'm going to have him tell how things are going! So take it away babe...

The reality is that my wife has been asking me to try her sugar free diet for some time. I have obviously been hesitant. I love sugar. I however reached my highest weight ever. 260 lbs. I was feeling sick and too tired to play with my kids. I decided to give it a try. I figured I can do anything temporarily. I cut out table sugar. No candy, cake, pie (I passed up on apple pie that is put near a miracle) and all other sweet treats. I have been pretty good. I have fallen a couple times. I got an Easter basket and ate the whole thing and had a slip up at work the other day with some cinnastiks. Other than that, I have been doing really well. It has been about 4 weeks. I feel good. I have lost 9 pounds and feel really good. I have energy and am excited to have lost weight. I also don't miss the sugar too much. Partly because my wife has so many no sugar added treats on her website. It does feel good to keep my calories in check. It is crazy how many calories come from just grabbing a piece of candy or a cookie or the easiest a bottle of Coke. I feel good so far and hope to keep it up.

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