Friday, October 1, 2010


So, in talking with a nutritionist she suggested sucanat sugar for hypoglycemia. And being the trusting person that I am I just thought it was good for me. A friend of mine invited me to go to a sugar class that is given by a health coach. So, to make a long story short both sucanat and erythritol are not good for you. Like I've said before, I'm still learning. Sorry for all the recipes that we've come up with that aren't good for the body. The health coach suggested coconut nectar, or coconut crystals. This is not processed and is low glycemic. I've gotten them both and am ready to experiment. Here we go again... take 2. :)
ok.. this is me writing later .. but truely I love xagave. My favorite. I love blue agave too, but the xagave just has a few more heath benefits. I have used it and love has little to zero side effects for me and it has great health benefits. look it up online and read about it. I was impressed. And you can get free recipe ideas too on their website. Just google xagave, because i don't have to website off the top of my head. Im sure it's just but not 100%.


  1. HEy girlies! I knew you guys where doing this blog but just barley found it. You guys are doing a great job! Last time I came up you guys inspired me to try and eat and cook with less sugar. I think with these yummy treats that I could make it. Us miller girls sure know how to get a sugar craving! :)

  2. I can't eat sugar of any kind with the exception of maybe 2 things. Carrot juice (which is about 14 grams of sugar per cup and makes no sense why I am able to have it) and unsweetened Coconut Milk. (Interestingly I can't have coconut oil, or the coconut butter so something in the coconut milk must help me to metabolize the sugars that are present in these fats slowly enough that they don't have the negative affects).

    I posted more about this here:

    Even though I just flat out can't have most of the recipes on this site due to my inability to eat the sweet ingredients, I can however modify some of the recipes so that I am able to enjoy them, and for that I am forever extremely grateful to you. Again, I can not thank you enough for making this website available and for providing the information within it.

    Thank you.