Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

Today the cravings for sugar were strong. I bought some candy for some kids that I teach in church (A reward for being good). Only two of them showed up to class which ment I had left overs. It wasn't just any candy it was the halloween chocolate asorted goodness. My four children went to town on it and the reason that I allowed this was so that I wouldn't have to see it anymore. My kids have discovered that the almond joy candy bars are not their favorites.  Everything else is gone except for these almond joys. I love almond joy candy bars!!! I told Lyndsie that I was struggling and she brought by some chocolate puddy with whipped cream (sugar free) to help me be strong. I am doing ok as of right now, but tomorrow while the kids are in school I think I am going to need to muster enough courage and throw the candy in the garbage can. Jesse's advise is when throwing treats away alway open the object and then dump it in the trash. This takes away the desire to later go digging in the garbage after it. So here is to me being strong enough to do it!!

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