Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am a Mother of 4 beautiful girls. My husband and I have been married for almost 10 yrs and sugar has always been my weakness. I love it so much that I dream about it:). I have had a lot of health issues..that i thought were related to sugar. Well, one is..hyperglycemia. But just recently found out that I have low thyroid. I went and got tested by an awesome Doctor.He works with Bio-Identical Hormones. We found out that a lot of my Hormones were very low and since it is Natural.. I was all for trying this. I have been on Hormones specifically tailored to me and other vitamins for about 7 months now. All I can say is I am feeling wonderful! I am not back to myself yet..but I know that I will get there. When we first started this blog..I thought all my problems were being caused because of refined sugar. Come to find out it's not, but I do feel so much better when I use Agave or Coconut Crystals for my sugars. And I know that refined sugars are not the greatest for my body. I also get the sugar blues really bad and can go into deep depression(this is something the hormones are fixing too) but I do need to try my best at eating low-glycemic sweeteners, because it helps with the sugar blues. So, I am a women on a mission to find as many recipes or create my own, of my favorite treats. I am still learning about all the different types of alternate sugars and sweeteners out there. I would not call myself a professional at all with all of this, but what I do find, learn, and create I would like to share. Life just isn't worth living without treats. That's my motto. :)

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